LOREKFORM is a new studio from Brooklyn, NY that explores the expressive nature of light.  Working with a small team of artists and makers from across the country, The Studio creates simple objects from honest materials that are uniquely beautiful at all times of day.

Forever searching for a way to humanize, or purposefully flaw, traditionally textured glass, Erin Lorek - founder, started experimenting with ladling directly onto handmade iron plates in 2016.  She found that creating these tools from scratch provides countless opportunities for blemishes to naturally occur in the iron, resulting in beautifully imperfect sheets of cast glass that both collect and refract the light.  Relationships with small foundries and involvement in community pours enable The Studio to provide custom, small-batch work in both materials.

The Beacon Pendant is the first lighting object from LOREKFORM to utilize this new technique.  A custom-designed, modular system of rods and rings allow twin iron-cast lenses to be hung literally anywhere along the chosen plane.  Whether clustered to form a curtain or stretched full length from bottom to top, it is this two-dimensional nature of The Beacon that allows the designer to fully exploit the scale of any room. Made entirely in the USA.


Erin has long been fascinated by the idea that, given the right set of circumstances, light itself can come to life to dance or even play. She created The Studio as a means to explore this elemental self expression through materiality and form. Style and utility are dictated by questions Erin asks about a post-war period of the future: a period of fresh relief marked by a severe lack of resources, both natural and industrial.