LOREKFORM is a new studio from Brooklyn, NY that explores the expressive nature of light.  Working with a small team of artists and makers from across the country, The Studio creates simple objects from honest materials that are uniquely beautiful at all times of day.



Referencing the mixture of old and new in the surrounding urban landscape, this first series celebrates the beauty of the imperfect while embracing fresh, clean lines.

Layers of texture are folded into the toolmaking process itself, resulting in an iron surface that is naturally yet distinctively distressed. The glass is then ladled directly onto these plates, creating a stunning cast piece that both collects and refracts the light.

Work from this series is presented in a simple, modular fashion. Twin organic forms are strung up by a single wire thereby removing all distractions. Custom hardware above allows for free and easy adjustability, enabling the glass to be styled in any number of ways.

Custom textures available.

Made in the USA.


THE BEACON; Iron lens set, studio light




Erin has long been fascinated by the idea that, given the right set of circumstances, light itself can come to life to dance or even play. She created The Studio in 2018 as a means to explore this elemental self expression through materiality and form. Style is dictated by questions Erin asks about a post-war period of the future: a period of quiet calm marked by a severe lack of resources, both natural and mechanical.